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THIRD PUBLICATION, JANUARY 2015. The Bioscientist. Vol. 3

The Bioscientist: Vol. 3(1): 31 - 38, January 2015
Available online at http://www.bioscientistjournal.com
Igbokwe et al., 2015 Page 88

Proximate Analysis and Mineral Composition of the Fruiting Body of Pleurotustuberregium (Mushroom) Cultivars from South East Nigeria
*Igbokwe, G. E1., Nebo, T. L1., Ezenwelu, C.O1., Nwajiobi, O. J1. and Odili, C. L1
1 Department of Applied Biochemistry, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state

*Corresponding Author’s Email: odilichidinmalucy@gmail.com, (+2348036681598)



The proximate analysis and mineral elements of the fruiting body of Pleurotus tuberregium were investigated to ascertain its nutritional and clinical implications. The protein content, crude-fibre, crude-fat, moisture and ash contents were determined using standard methods, the mineral elements was determined using atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Results indicated that Pleurotus tuber-regium contained 84.2% moisture, 19% crude fibre, 28.19% carbohydrate, 5% crude fat, 16.2% ash and 31.52% protein. It contained the following mineral elements (parts/million): calcium, 1.8; copper, 0.2; zinc. 0.l0; potassium, 0.37; sodium, 1.49 and iron, 13.3. This indicates that edible mushroom is a very good source of both macro and micronutrients. These findings were discussed in line with its nutritional and clinical importance.

Keywords: Proximate Analysis, Mineral composition, Pleurotus tuber-regium

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