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The Bioscientist: Vol. 1(2):119-126, September, 2013..
Available online at http://www.bioscientistjournal.com
Ogbunugafor et al, 2013 Page 119

ACajanus cajan: Potentials as Functional Food.
Ogbunugafor, H. A., Igwo-Ezikpe, M.N., Igwilo, I.O., Salisu T., Ezekwesili, C. N..
1. Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine,
2. Dept. of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Lagos Nigeria.
3. Dept. of Cell and Genetics, University of Lagos. Lagos, Nigeria.

.*Corresponding author email: tetresearch@yahoo.com

Received: 13 June; Accepted 20 June, 2013.



Cajanus cajan seeds constitute a major part of the diet in most parts of Eastern Nigeria. In this study, the
seeds were evaluated on some indices of good health in normal male albino rats. Two groups of six rats
each were used for the experiment. The C. cajan seeds were compounded (1:1) with commercial rat pellet
and fed to the test rats while the control was fed commercial pellets for 30 days. The effects on animal
weight, serum proteins, electrolytes and heamatological parameters, were determined. In addition,
antioxidant enzymes which include superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT) and Gluthathione
perioxidase (GPx) and lipid perioxidation as biomarkers of oxidative stress and lipoproteins profile of the
animals were also evaluated. Results showed lower weight gain (p<0.05) in C. cajan-fed compared to
control rats. Total proteins, and heamatological indices – PCV, Hb, RBC and MCHC were increased
(p<0.05), while serum electrolytes were unchanged (p>0.05). Activities of SOD and GPx were lowered
(p>0.05), however, catalase activity was elevated (p<0.05). MDA level was unchanged. There was decrease
(p<0.05) in TC, VLDL, TAG, while HDL was increased (p<0.05). These results indicate positive effect on
indices of good health, and parameters that predispose a subject to development of chronic diseases such as
obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Keywords:Cajanus cajan, heamatological indices, antioxidant enzymes, lipids

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