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FIRST PUBLICATION, JUNE 2013. The Bioscientist. Vol. 1

The Bioscientist. Vol. 1(1):22-27, May, 2013
Available online at http://www.bioscientistjournal.com
Onuorah et al., 2013. Page 22

Fungi Associated with the Spoilage of Pineapple Fruits in Eke Awka Market
Anambra State.

* Onuorah, S.C.; Udemezue, O.I; Uche, J.C and Okoli, I.C.
Department of Applied Microbiology & Brewing, Nnamdi Azikiwe University,
Awka, Anambra State,
* Corresponding Author E-mail: Sonuorah484@yahoo.com.


The fungi associated with the spoilage of pineapple fruits in Eke Awka, Anambra States were studied. Spoilt and healthy pineapple fruits were used in the study with sabouraud dextrose agar as the culture medium while the pour plate technique was employed in the fungal isolation.
Pathogenicity test was also carried out using healthy pineapple fruits. The fungi were isolated, and identified on the basis of their colonial and morphological features as the species of Aspergillus, Fusarium, Rhizopus, Penicillium and Candida. The fungal counts ranged between 1.0x106 cfu/g and 3.1x106 cfu/g. Samples 2 had the lowest count of 1.0x106 cfu/g. Aspergillus sp occurred in all the samples studied while fusarium sp had the least occurrence, having been isolated from sample 1 only. The result of the pathogenicity test revealed that all the species of fungi isolated from the spoilt pineapple fruits were also reisolated from the healthy fruits into which they were inoculated, indicating that the organisms were responsible for the spoilage of the fruits.

Key words: Fungi, Spoilage, Pineapple fruits, Eke Awka Market, Anambra State

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