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FIRST PUBLICATION, JUNE 2013. The Bioscientist. Vol. 1

The Bioscientist. Vol. 1(1):94-98, May, 2013
Available online at http://www.bioscientistjournal.com
Ezeabara et al., 2013 Page 94

Bee - Plants of Southeastern Nigeria - A Review

* Ezeabara, Chinelo A., Okeke, C.U. , Aziagba, Bibian O. and Ilodibia, Chinyere V.
Department of Botany, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, P.M.B. 5025, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria..
*Corresponding author: Chinelo A. Ezeabara1: e-mail: e.chinelo5@yahoo.com, Tel: +23408039264458.
To whom all the correspondence should be addressed.

ABSTRACT (Download PDF )

Bee-plants are the plants that are visited by bees. Bee plants have some adaptations that enable them to
attract bees. Bees visit plants mainly to collect nectar and pollen which are later converted to honey.
These bee-plants could be cultivated in three ways. The beekeepers in any part of southeastern Nigeria
therefore, could cultivate the bee plants listed in this work for production of honey which is highly
medicinal and has recently been re-introduced as a natural medicine cure for many ailments.

Keywords: bee-plants, beekeeper, nectar, pollen, honey.

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