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F. Ogbo
J. Okaforanyali
O Chifumnanya
T. Ajakor


This study sought to address the challenge of increasing availability of mushrooms to consumers in Nigeria by formulating them into convenience food products. Fresh oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) and powder prepared from the dried form were used to develop, mushroom biscuits and mushroom instant soup premix respectively. The soup premix was thickened using “achi” powder. Biscuits were prepared according to the buttermilk biscuits formula. Physical properties of the food products, their acceptability, antioxidant properties and their shelf lives were evaluated.  Mushroom biscuits were high in moisture (28 to 47 %), in proportion to quantity of mushroom used while moisture levels in the soup premix averaged 17%. Sinkability of the mushroom soup indicated its ease of reconstitution and a good mouth feel. Sensory analyses showed that both food products were acceptable to a wide range of Nigerians. Antioxidant capacities found in both food products are proportionately comparable to capacities found in studies of Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms.  The mushroom biscuits stored 3 – 4 days while the soup premix stored for up to 35 days. These food products, which can be served at home or through quick service restaurants, will increase availability and hence consumption of mushrooms among Nigerians with associated health benefits


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Ogbo, F., Okaforanyali, J., Chifumnanya, O., & Ajakor, T. (2023). ACCEPTABILITY AND ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES OF CONVENIENCE FOOD PRODUCTS FORTIFIED WITH MUSHROOMS. The Bioscientist Journal, 11(2), 140-151. Retrieved from
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F. Ogbo



J. Okaforanyali



O Chifumnanya



T. Ajakor




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