Farm Characteristics and Practices Related To The Use Of Antibiotics In Pig Farms In Anambra State

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E. A. Kyrian-Ogbonna
C. C. Ekwealor
S. C. Okey-Ezeokoli
C. F. Offordile
I. A. Ekwealor


Increasing concern about antimicrobial resistance has attracted attention to antibiotics use in livestock. This research was aimed at studying pig farms’ characteristics and practices related to antibiotics use in pig farms in Anambra State.  A structured questionnaire was used to capture the socio-economic characteristics of farms and practices related to antibiotic use. The data obtained were analyzed using ANOVA by Student-Newman-Keul (SNK) test at 95% confidence level. The questionnaires revealed that 40% of the farms kept more than hundred sows and 52.5% had other types of livestock. 87.5% combined the use of kitchen waste and conventional feed. 85% recycled their waste in crop production process.  There is a significant difference in the diseases reported in the farms in the zones (p < 0.05). Only 5% of the farms consulted veterinary doctors for the diagnosis of pigs’ infection. Only 5% of all the farms in Anambra State reported not using antibiotics in the past one year. Knowledge of antibiotic resistance by the farmers ranged from 6.25% in farms in Anambra North to 14.3% in Anambra South. Improved farm management practices and education of farmers and veterinarians on prudent antibiotics use would likely prevent the development of antibiotic resistance in pig farms.

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Kyrian-Ogbonna, E. A., Ekwealor, C. C., Okey-Ezeokoli, S. C., Offordile, C. F., & Ekwealor, I. A. (2021). Farm Characteristics and Practices Related To The Use Of Antibiotics In Pig Farms In Anambra State. The Bioscientist Journal, 9(1), 38-50. Retrieved from


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